Biogarden 4-4 DIY Aquaponics System

Biogarden 44 DIY Wood includes four (4) grow troughs four (4) feet long, one (1) four (4) foot tank and design for DIY wood frame.

  • Expandable aquaponics system
  • Great for serious growers looking for business opprotunity
  • Great way to grow food while raising fish
  • Another great item from Flora Hydroponics

The Biogarden® 44 Grow Table with Wood Frame is a two-level soil-less aquaponic system for growing organic food.

Biogarden Aquaponics System

The Biogarden®performs as both a hydroponics and aquaponics system, supporting both ebb and flow with soil-less grow media or nutrient film technique with shallow water flow through 12” wide grow troughs. The Biogarden®can be used indoors in a grow room or as outdoor hydroponics.

The lower tank can be used as either a nutrient reservoir or an aquaponics fish tank. The grow beds can grow a wide variety of plants either through direct sow, seedling transplant or cuttings.

For aquaponic growers, use the lower level tank to grow tilapia or other fish that provide fertility from their ammonia-rich waste. Hydroponic growers may use the tank below to store nutrient-rich organic liquid fertilizer.

Additional nutrients to fertilize plants with the Biogarden® can also be derived in bioponics from grass clippings, food waste, from urine, biochar, worm teas and other suitable sources.

  • Efficient growing, conserves water, labor and energy.*Uses 90%
  • less water than in-ground gardening.
  • It is possible to supply all nutrients from food scraps and grass clippings.
  • Minimal effort required as no need for soil management, composting or weeding.
  • Fish welcomed but not required for plant fertility.
  • With suitable grow media, plant beds act as an living ecosystem when natural nutrients are used.
  • Bed is also a biofilter, converting ammonia from tank below to fertilizer with help of natural bacterial.
  • When using bioponic approach, fertility can be managed without need for complicated chemical testing and water management as with hydroponics and aquaponics.
  • Retains heat when water stored in tanks below circulates on warm beds during daylight.

Biogarden Aquaponics System

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